Buying a new tank?

Buying a new tank?

By Hussar91 , December 29, in Events. For a long time now, events have often been a bit of a mismatch and the reason given for it was that, it’s not all about BR but also about historical timeframes. So do you think that it’s perhaps time to event it out a bit for the British on this event who have plenty of platfroms that fit the BR because right now their choices are the Comet at 5. The Centurion Mk1 would be a good addition to the British here being introduced just after the war, as would the A39 tortoise which was actually designed in With the datestamps on the French vehicles, I’d even say the Centurion Mk3 ought to get a look in as it too is a 6. Thank you for your consideration.

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Jump to content. But that grind is a PITA like no other grind. And now, the first 10 games lost in a row mostly Tier 7 games and you know I have saved quite some Free Exp.

light, medium, and heavy tanks Renault FT, D1, D2, B1, ARL 44, AMX If matchmaking didn’t pit the great mediums of the war against huge.

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Weak points of ARL 44

Part of the difficulty with dealing with an ARL 44 is if you shoot at the frontal lower glacis since it is very small and at a 65 degree angle already. Often times you will be aiming down at an enemy tanks lower glacis and thus increasing the angle and in this case it often reaches auto-bounce levels. Frontally the ARL 44 has a very good armor profile against tier tanks and some low penetrating tier 7 tanks since its frontal hull is dominated by a huge upper glacis.

The lower glacis beneath it is capable of being damaged by most tanks the ARL 44 sees however as mention earlier you run the risk of auto-bouncing off it since it is very low to the ground and difficult to hit. It is better to instead aim at the machine gun port on the upper glacis which only has 50mm protecting if you are aiming in this area.

I mean, look at the ARL 44, the AMX 50 tanks, theyre not THAT bad are bad, guns are pleasant, and the matchmaking is rather considerate!

Doch wie geht man hier am besten vor? Im Prinzip ist es ganz einfach. Aber dann doch wieder nicht. Soweit so gut. Aber wie geht man die Suche wirklich am besten an? Und das obwohl sie optisch und technisch noch gut in Schuss sind. Wenn das Fahrzeug aus der EU importiert wird und bereits vor Super oder?

French Heavies-Really THAT awful?

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ARL 44 matchmaking – posted in Heavy Tanks: Inspired by a thread on the US forums by Garbad, which I unfortunately cannot find anymore.

TIL a mobile app for world of tanks is a thing. I saw this post 3hrs ago and since then, I haven’t the game down! Thanks for that! I’ve been saving for a desktop and itching to play. It’s also a much easier game ;-. I still have it in my garage. Couldn’t bring myself to sell it. And it is still the tank on which I have the most battles on

All tanks in the game

Jump to content. GrawLixz, on 03 March – AM, said:. Check out my Minion’s voice mod! Mick, on 03 March – AM, said:. Back to World of Tanks for now. FryaDuck, on 02 March – PM, said:.

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Jump to content. Guys, for those of you who buy a new tank from WG, and then wonder when grinding it and NOT paying gold To instantly upgrade it, why you are in battles which seem difficult. Hello llo1, Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Support for your request. Please understand that the Matchmaker is not related with the penetration system, so if you wondering why you can not pen the enemies armor the Matchmaker is not to blame.

I hope that we could at least respond to your request to your satisfaction and we are aware that you are not fully satisfied. If there are other questions left, that you do not hesitate to contact us again so we can solve them together. Your feedback matters! Fill in our survey once your issue is resolved.

French D2 is actually enjoyable

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Graphical overview of weak points of ARL TUTORIALS; Skills and perks · Matchmaking · Comparison camo values · Camo values calculator · Explanation​.

Jump to content. Screw my elders!!!! World of Tanks a game where it’s 1 versus The yellows are your only hope. MustardScroll7, on 15 September – PM, said:. I think the ARL is the one where the premium round on the top gun gets damage instead of ? Pretty sure I spammed a lot of that.

War Thunder – ARL-44 (ACL-1) “Behind Enemy Lines”

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