Who is pierre from simple plan dating

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In an informal survey of rockers and other hipsters, nearly all of the artists polled copped to liking at least something about the Burleson, Texas, singer.

(Sorry Kelly, System of a Down still have no idea who you are.) So how did the 23-year-old former Red Bull girl transform herself from the next Jessica Simpson into a genuinely cool rock-and-roll singer?

"A lot of people have asked me about adding some cachet to Kelly Clarkson, as if I'm trying to tell people that she should be considered more than she is, but honestly, I was poking more fun at myself and my own weakness for a good hook. In that world, she got where she is because she can sing.

She's not some heiress with a Chihuahua." Fittingly, the humble Clarkson never expected "Since U Been Gone" to earn her such a widespread fanbase.

"I appreciate that people get a kick out of it, but it's not in the set [anymore]," he said."I was like, 'Wow, that's a shockingly good song for a pop star,' " Leo said. I also really appreciate the more advanced pop pastiche aspects of it.It's written in a way that is so transparent in terms of drawing from a lot of what's vaguely edgy and popular right now, but put together in such a perfect little package.Something called "Since U Been Gone," a tune with the kind of legs that pop music hasn't seen in years. "It gets in your head and won't leave." "You have to listen to that song at 11, that's just the way it is," added Switchfoot singer Jon Foreman, who recently caught himself pulling up to the beach with "Since U Been Gone" blaring from his car radio.Indie rocker Ted Leo saw the video one morning earlier this year and decided to play an acoustic cover of it for a videotaped Web session a few hours later.

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