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The apps have no information on them, so you gotta get on the phone.

, she asks for help with her “toughest case,” 23-year-old Courtney Stodden.

“She took her clothes off on the date, and jumped in the pool and went crazy.

EW caught up with Stanger, and she dished on the biggest change we’ll see this season, the double standards women still face in the dating world, and the origin of her most memorable isms. We really break you of your bad dating habits and relationship problems. When it came to Claudia Jordan, she had a serious problem that happened to her at 18, and Kelly [Bensimon] blames Bethenny [Frankel] for ruining her life. It’s like, you sit in the hot seat, I’m Barbara Walters [and] Dr. And then I [use] my intuition, I’m psychically reading them. And then, you know, you get your party, we coach you into doing what we have to do. He gets into it with Candace, they have a little brother-sister spat. It has really good moments of highs and lows, and what happens in the end — who ends up with somebody, and who doesn’t listen, and who does listen — and then we have crazy millionaires that… I believe you have mates, who come into your life for a reason. I don’t believe the Beshert [Hebrew for “soulmate”] Jewish theory that “There’s only one.” Oh, my God, I’d be out of business, okay?

When you don't connect emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually, you break up.""I think Anna Faris and Chris Pratt could get back together…Cause there's a really strong best friend factor…I've met Anna…I went on her podcast…Chris had sent his regards because he was shooting a movie and he said that like they loved me and loved the show. I think that Chrissy and him have ups and downs like everybody else.

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A lot of people make a lot of mistakes on social media. Women have to go to Europe and other countries to find men who will treat them better. Men are not available — we have 20,000 more men than women in L. And it’s emojis, and the emojis are my sayings and my isms. Okay, well this is a terrible ism, and I don’t use this — you’ve never heard me say this — she’ll say, [] “One hole is just like any other hole, Patti. Just be careful who gets into your hole.” In other words, when men stick it in, they don’t care who they’re stickin’ it into.

'I love you, I don't want anyone else' and she believed him even though they had evidence to the contrary…I told Luann if you feel that he's changing, but here's the problem with him, over 50 never been married, no kids, no responsibility.""I feel like he's [Josh Duhamel] kinda normal, and he likes to get up and go to the gym, and take the kid, and work on his movie, and then she's [Fergie] traveling and, you know, music people like to tour. Other highlights from the episode include Patti's recommendation on who Angelina Jolie should date next AND her thoughts on Katie Holmes' decision to go public with Jamie Foxx.

So maybe it's one of those, their lifestyles, like the Chris Pratt, Anna Faris thing where they're not on the same page at the same time, but they really love and respect each other…he just wants to be chill and she wants to go live large…they're not connecting. Be sure to ch-ch-check out Patti's appearance in its entirety (below)!

PATTI STANGER: We still do the screaming at the millionaire, we still do a party — you know, like a mingle and all that stuff — but you’re gonna get a healing, which means a healing in the hot seat. We do a love lesson, and it’s really me breaking everyone in the hot seat.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How is season 2 going to differ from the first of this newest series? Are there any other new matchmaking methods or technology?

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