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It’s about Spike Jonze, freshly divorced, dating a much younger woman, Karen O, as she becomes a world famous rock star.Since Karen is constantly touring and doing promotion, most of their relationship occurs over the phone.Sofia Coppola After being close friends for nearly 10 years, Jonze and Coppola got married, and stayed that way until 2003, when they parted amicably. Julia Hatfield Although it’s unconfirmed when they actually dated, singer (and homeless ghost in ) Julia Hatfield wrote a scathing letter to a local newspaper’s review of a Lemonheads album stating she had lost her virginity to singer Evan Dando.Her letter responded that she had, in fact, lost her V-card to Spike Jonze. Karen O Spike Jonze is clearly a fan of dating free spirits, so naturally he dated Yeah Yeah Yeahs crazy frontwoman Karen O.“I only ever did it twice, maybe three times, and only ever spat beer on myself.But once was in front of the world’s press, at SXSW, which probably didn’t help.”It’s a pavement-crackingly hot New York afternoon and we’re in the Great Jones Café, a tiny diner and long-time hangout of the band, who, along with the Strokes and the White Stripes, led a noisy rock revival in the early Noughties.And while the spectacle of a battle-ready Karen O striding in, sporting a glittering ostrich feather cape and a gas mask, would be thrilling, even her low-key look is cooler than most of us could muster given a month to prepare: grey skinny jeans, pointy lace-ups and a vintage Isaac Mizrahi blouse with a diamond pattern that matches her original 1950s sunglasses.

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To the point where she and Spike’s relationship met a breaking point, although they clearly still have a strong relationship creatively. This all would sync up pretty closely with the evolution of the relationship in HER where, at first, Theodore is the one showing and explaining the world to Samantha.Spike is a world famous music video and film director who would know all the most interesting people and places.But as Karen travelled on tour, she’d meet her own network of cool and interesting people.People are usually very disappointed when they meet me,” Karen O claims with a laugh, before delicately biting down on a beef slider.“It comes as a shock that the me they see up there on stage is not the me that they get all the time.” For the past 14 years, Karen O – real name Orzolek – has fronted the art rock band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and become famed for her high-energy, often seemingly unhinged stage persona, a howling, growling, shoe-banging dervish, smeared in mascara and clad in an array of outlandishly theatrical costumes.“I could never shake that girl-who-spits-beer tag either,” she shrugs.

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