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You here as a competitive, and fierce assed - tight ass, by the way - girl. Season 18’s token are-they-or-aren’t-they duo are Peta Murgatroyd, 27, and James Maslow, 23, who admitted in a package during Monday’s premiere that they did go on date before they were ever partnered, but it never flourished into anything.There’s nothing more to it than that – at least right now – the pair insists, calling all of the buzz about it “funny.” Following their 21-point foxtrot, Maslow told PEOPLE backstage, “We’ll be asked the same question rephrased 17 times, and yet they expect different answers.

'Don't get too comfortable with @Peta Murgatroyd,' James tweeted Charlie as soon as his dance finished. 'Meanwhile James's rival for the female fans' affections, teen pop star Cody Simpson, had a challenging week - even though he was paired with fellow Australian, pro dancer Sharna Burgess, who he admitted he 'was honestly hoping I'd get to work with'.

Of the contestants, Olympic snowboarder Amy Purdy - who dances with prosthetic legs - admitted she was the most nervous of the partner swap as give Mark Ballas 'the run down' as to 'what works, what doesn't' with her legs.

Julianne noted how every talks about how inspiring she is - admitting it is 'hands down totally the truth' - but stressed: 'There is more to you than coming on this show to be an inspiration.

I’m sure Charlie can pick up choreography faster than I can because he does that for a living on the ice, but to see them dance together was really impressive.

The Judges’ Feedback I’m about a foot taller than Cheryl and we have to be low for the tango, so it was difficult to stay that low and not keep my butt out.

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