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-- A push is on at the state legislature to legalize an industrial cousin to the marijuana plant that proponents say could be a huge benefit to the state's economy. Read Full Article Please join us in thanking Mars-Hydro for renewing their sponsorship! Read Full Article Neil de Grasse Tyson has become the new face of science across the United States, taking up the mantle from the late astrophysicist Carl Sagan.

They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the … He appears frequently on television to talk about …

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Dig up weeds and uncover new friendships while enjoying a summer Saturday in Iowa.

Lend a hand at the heritage farm during this gardening field day.

Not another person should suffer incarceration or stigma because of these unjust laws.

420 Magazine believes Cannabis prohibition will end as more people become aware of the true benefits of the plant.

The amount of each substance present in a given strain will determine the flavor and smell. Read Full Article420 Magazine exists to support the repeal of all Cannabis prohibition laws and penalties throughout the world.Sweet Sue has won some amazing prizes from 420 Magazine and our Sponsors!From 420 Magazine: “Nug of the Month” title 420 Rep …You have shown outstanding skill in finding such a beautiful bud and we thank you for sharing it with us!From Sweet Sue's private stash comes a perfect nugget of Carnival.

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