Visual chat

Created and produced at MSN by Mike Klozar, the "Chat Show," as it was called, was an innovative combination of on-demand streaming audio, text (as cartoon bubbles) and comic strip characters all synchronized to display an animated cartoon comic strip created dynamically from the text input.An example of the show can be found at David Kurlander's project site, under [MSN Car Talk Comic Chat Show].

Visual Chart provides end-of-day data at no charge.Each episode depicted a caller (as a black and white default character) and color caricatures of Tom & Ray interacting in a unique closed visual chat.The visuals were generated dynamically by the Comic Chat client (already residing on the PC), given a timed, textual transcript of the show.You may have noticed our neighborhood is getting a pretty heavy face lift.Expect heavy construction on Brighton Boulevard through Spring, 2018.

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