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All the other forums I have seen where people have a missing file doesn't seem to have it affecting their game :/ I have this problem too I do have mods installed but I don't think they are the problem but my additional issue is that steam won't let the game run the launcher opens, I hit play, and nothing happens the launcher just closes I've looked around the internet but it seems no one else is having the same thing happen.

Keep in mind that it's a little slower in the game.

So what happened, Bm files got screwed or something?

i tried with my other games and they launch and work fine.

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I realize this is a Steam problem, just thought you guys should be aware of it. It always re-downloads for some oddball reason now.

Scroll down to the bottom of that section, and add: f Foreground Mouse Accel Base=0 f Foreground Mouse Accel Top=0 f Foreground Mouse Base=0 f Foreground Mouse Mult=0 That’s it for now but as I said earlier there are many more fixes out there and I will continue searching, but if you have and suggestions/ solutions then add a comment.

I’ll gladly credit you and I’d be extremely grateful.

Same issue, had to delete my skyrim and steam completely off my computer because of a bug from a mod, all mods are deleted and removed from game now its a fresh install and it ALWAYS says 1 file failed to validate, I know what file it is and that's the "Skyrim.esm" file, its not re-acquiring the file when it says it is, for some reason something is blocking it from doing it or it just downright isn't doing it at all, I don't know what to do, I can play the game vanilla but I do wish to run mods but due to NMM NEEDing esm file it doesn't seem possible....

I had the same issue and what I did was uninstall Skyrim, right clicked its grayed out name, went to properties, Local Files, Browse local files and then I deleted everything that was in that file.

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