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As a general rule, a cardinality of under 1% makes a good candidate for a bitmap index." However, there are rare cases where high cardinality columns can be used in bitmap indexes, and Oracle suggests that these conditions are acceptable for a bitmap index: Now that we understand bitmap index compression, it should be clear that there are rare cases where high cardinality columns might be candidates for bitmap indexes.

At this point, let's note that Oracle performs bitmap index compression, and that is why the clustering_factor is important.As the number if distinct values increases, the size of the bitmap increases exponentially, such that an index with 100 values may perform thousands of times faster than a bitmap index on 1,000 distinct column values.The answer, as with all Oracle tuning questions is "It depends".A Docker image with the Basic, SDK and SQL*Plus packages is available on the Docker Store or from the Oracle Container Registry.Instant Client is provided under a separate Oracle Technology Network License Agreement that allows most licensees to download, redistribute, deploy in production environments, and provide third party training and instruction on the use of Oracle Instant Client, without charge.

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