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Dan has also produced protocells that differentiated into cycling eukaryotic cells. The results of these experiments and replications of been forwarded to the higher ups (the 12). We are now finding out there is more in that microscopic world beyond our senses than we have dreamt of in our philosophy and that the dimensions of life are greater than our best scientists have even imagined. Dan is not in the best of health due to a heart condition and I am only hoping and praying that he has many years left to complete his mission in life.Also, some of the results he obtained are suggestive of neurogenesis, something which will be of great interest to an M. Sincerely, Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc.In so doing, they accepted my terms: all the Chinese food I can eat, coffee I can drink, and slides I can consume while playing with my microscope.

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Computer software that performs a task or set of tasks, such as word processing or drawing. American Standard Code for Information Interchange, an encoding system for converting keyboard characters and instructions into the binary number code that the computer understands. Bandwidth determines how much data can be sent along the networked wires.You have freed me in the way that is most important. The Lotus Model will come in the form of a "paper", bound with two letters- one addressed, by name and date, to the person that will find it, should we avoid catastrophe.The second, will be addressed by name and date, to the person that would find it should we have failed in our great quest.I hope so, but they have concerns that I deeply sympathize with as we have all found out that there are "fruitcakes" and "nutcakes" out there who will do all in their power to swerve all of us off course in their misguided attempt to interfere with human destiny.I have, even in UFO research, been primarily interested in new science, new discoveries, and any attempt to unravel the mysteries of life and the universe that we are all an integral part of despite the forces of suppression and those who want to keep us under an evergrowing darkness.

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