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Better alternative: don't joke about controversial matters. I'm probably the biggest THRICE here and I'm even saying this is majorly messed up. In September a man was shot dead at Kottbusser Tor, one of the centres of the Berlin drug trade, in an assassination believed to have had Hells Angels connections.

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There is at this stage no indication of who murdered Mucuk, who was head of the Hells Angels in Gießen.

Hells Angels groups have been linked to organized crime in Germany and in cases of shootings in major urban centres.

State police in Hesse say there are around 700 Hells Angels members in the state who are involved in narcotics and prostitution, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports.

An Ilbe user is making headlines for threatening to murder TWICE's Mina.

SEE ALSO: JYPE to take legal action against Ilbe member who threatened to murder TWICE's Mina On June 13, the image below along with the title, "I have a knife against Mina," was posted to Ilbe, a popular community site that tends to make headlines for controversial content.

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