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The Taiwan Relations Act & Six Assurances Washington’s decision to begin to normalize relations with the People’s Republic of China, President Richard Nixon’s visit to Beijing, and the joint communiqué in Shanghai in 1972 greatly changed the strategic equation in Asia-Pacific, and undermined the diplomatic relationship between Washington and Taipei. the United States will make available to Taiwan such defense articles and defense services in such quantity as may be necessary to enable Taiwan to maintain a sufficient self-defense capability.”[1] The latter clause expresses the strong commitment of the United States to sell arms to Taiwan to enable it to defend itself. S.-PRC diplomatic relationship somewhat incomplete. The security relationship was in a general sense confined only to the areas of defense procurement. decision in 2005 to send its own active duty officers to the American Institute in Taiwan can be regarded as a new trend of normalization of security relationship between Taiwan and the U. Although some of the items are yet to be delivered, arms sales continue to be the most obvious symbol of the U. The most recent arms sales notifications to the Congress on January 29, 2010, with items including utility helicopters, ballistic missile defense systems and mine sweeping ships, might be seen as the completion of a security cooperation agenda set by the Clinton and the Bush administrations.

Although military-to-military cooperation continued in the 1970s, the magnitude and depth of the relationship gradually deteriorated. would “consider any effort to determine the future of Taiwan by other than peaceful means, including by boycotts or embargoes, a threat to the peace and security of the Western Pacific area and of grave concern to the United States; . From early the 1980s to mid-1990s, the annual Hwa-Mei Arms Sales Talks became the most important – and possibly the only – occasion for senior military exchanges. However, more difficult challenge lies ahead for a new phase of Taiwan defense transformation.

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S.-Taiwan security cooperation has been built upon a convergence of strategic interests: namely, in containing Communist expansion in the Asia-Pacific during the Cold War era. S.-ROC Mutual Defense Treaty in late 1954, and the establishment earlier that decade of the U. Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) in Taipei not only assured the security and continuity of the ROC government in Taiwan, but also enabled a more complete network of military alliances between the U. In addition to supplies of advanced weapons systems, the U. provided Taiwan with considerable software support, from opportunities to study in American staff and war colleges to doctrinal reform through joint training and exercises. arms sales to Taiwan were (and remain) an important unresolved issue that made the U. The communiqué cites earlier statements of the Chinese government declaring its “fundamental policy of striving for peaceful reunification of the motherland.” The U. government stated that, “having in mind” China’s policy of peaceful resolution of the Taiwan issue and its own respect for China’s territorial integrity, it “does not seek to carry out a long-term policy of arms sales to Taiwan, that its arms sales to Taiwan will not exceed, either in qualitative or in quantitative terms, the level of those supplied in recent years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China, and that it intends to reduce gradually its sales of arms to Taiwan, leading over a period of time to a final resolution.”[2] Fortunately for Taiwan, nearly one month before the 1982 Communiqué was signed the Reagan administration quietly provided Taipei with “Six Assurances,” in which Washington guaranteed, among other promises, that it “would not set a date for termination of arms sales to the Republic of China,” and “would not consult with the PRC in advance before making decisions about U. arms sales to the Republic of China.”[3] The Taiwan Relations Act and the Six Assurances therefore provided Washington and Taiwan with profound bases on which to sustain their bilateral security relationship after the diplomatic and alliance relations were terminated. Taiwan’s military has since experienced great isolation, and suffered not only in terms of policy dialogues and consultations, but also in terms of exchanges necessary for the advancement of military thinking and knowledge. Arms Sales Procedures: The Bush administration in 2001 changed the way that arms sales decisions had been made since the termination of the U. Going forward, arms sales decision would not be confined to an annual review of Taiwan’s requests through the Hwa-Mei Arms Sales Talks, and for arms sales purposes Taipei was granted the status of a normal ally, for whom arms sales requests and approval can be managed whenever necessary. Arms Sales Packages: The Bush administration also approved a robust arms sales package for Taiwan, including Kidd-class destroyers, Patriot missile defense systems, maritime reconnaissance airplanes and diesel submarines. All of the above-mentioned security cooperation between Taiwan and the United States has played a vital role in facilitating Taiwan’s defense reform in the past decade.While entering to the Taiwan Chat Room you will be connected to unknown person through our Random pairing technology.Have seamless experience of Stranger Video Chat with single boys and girls from Taiwan, free Taiwan Cam to Cam Chat , have online Stranger Meetups, Random Chat with boys and girls from Taiwan, Face to Face Chat with flirting with Taiwan girls.It keeps track of the top 50 companies by total market capitalization.The index calculation is based on the FTSE's free float methodology.

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