Should i keep dating him

He can be super sweet and funny but i dont have a crush on him, i have a crush on this other guy.But im moving out of the school district There's this guy I like at my class, one day he asked me if I liked [BEEP].I have a lot of goals in life and work very hard to achieve them while he's the lazy stay at home and play video games type.He is not a very smart guy and isn't very good lucking either but he has an amazing nice personality and he makes me feel very special.And yesterday he was riding his bike by a fence we have to leave the school when school ended and we were looking at eachother and he crashed into the fence...πŸ˜‚ There's this guy I kinda like and he's just so smart and funny and we have so much in common but me being me, always his it from everybody because I was scared.he's a great person and I always have fun around him.

Example: When he goes to get a drink at the water fountain he wants me to come with him and then we are tardy for class and we walk in together and everybody has a look on their faces like πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š.I said no, I like you, then the next day aka today, he said,"This might be surprising, but I like you too." He even wrote it on a piece of paper! And let's fastforward a couple of hours, when I was doing my group project, he wanted somebody to get his pencil from his desk, which I did.But then, he came over there as well, and said,"So, because I like you and you like me, do you want to date? " and then his friend [BEEP] came over and said," You actually like him? There is so much talk about standards, but WHAT KIND OF STANDARDS?Usually the best way to tell if someone is worth your time is to closely observe rather than what he says.

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