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They jammed out to Robin Thicke’s summer anthem, “Blurred Lines” and Foxx’s 2009 hit “Blame It (On the Alcohol)” at the benefit concert.

The actor and musician denied that he and Holmes were an item following the encounter. In fact, it’s quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people,” he told Since then, the two have occasionally been spotting visiting each in L. A new round of rumors surfaced in 2016 after the actress stepped out in New York City wearing a diamond ring (which she’d been sporting for months) while Foxx was spotted wearing a gold band.

I have a table in SQL Server where every row is a mail to deliver. I need to select the first email to send based on the Date column but I want to alternate them by domain starting from the last domain used in a Round Robin way Table: CREATE TABLE Delivery (Date datetime, Domain int); INSERT INTO Delivery (Date, Domain) VALUES ('2014-01-07 ', 1), ('2014-04-07 ', 2), ('2014-02-07 ', 3), ('2014-03-07 ', 1), ('2014-06-07 ', 2), ('2014-01-07 ', 3), ('2014-01-07 ', 1) ; Maybe I"m the only one, but what are the results you're expecting? So the expected ordering would be The earliest message of domain 1 then the earliest of domain 2 then the earliest of domain 3 then start over w/ domain 1 getting the next earliest (not previously processed? Blam below has given you what really looks like the answer. Original post: Given an arbitrary number of domains (and times) I don't see how this can be done in SQL I'm afraid.

You would need row N in the result-set to set the conditions for selecting row N 1, and this can't be done.

They splashed around in the water, with Foxx venturing knee-deep into the waves fully dressed.

An eyewitness told that they were on a public beach after visiting a friend’s house in the area.

Foxx’s rep told PEOPLE at the time that the movie stars were neither engaged nor married.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have remained tight-lipped about their relationship, but new photos of their twilight stroll on the beach have everyone talking about the long-rumored couple.

When you consecutively play a note on the instrument in the sampler, the variations captured in the Auto Sampler allow for a more expressive, natural sounding performances.

You can use the Velocity Editor to customize velocity layers when sampling a source.

They “sat down very close to each other, chatting for a while outside, and spoke rather intimately” during their short outing.

“They looked like a pair of young kids in love,” the source added. She appeared to be enjoying herself and looked happy.” In a November 2014 cover story, Holmes told PEOPLE that she “absolutely” still believes in love.

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