Prison angels dating

In "Plan B", Deeks' best friend Ray Martindale is sent into witness protection but breaks out.Deeks goes undercover as Max Gentry in order to find him and it's revealed that he fell for Ray's wife while undercover.

In Episode: The Debt, Deeks's position was terminated and he was fired from NCIS after unintentionally shooting an unarmed man.One day, Brandel became so drunk that he started wielding a shotgun at Deeks and his mother.In response, young Deeks shot Brandel non-fatally with Brandel later ending up in prison, where he served his time and was eventually released.A man was fatally shot by Los Angeles police Wednesday afternoon after he or someone riding in his car shot at officers who were tailing them, authorities said.About 4 p.m., Van Nuys gang officers in a marked patrol car began following a sedan they believed was stolen.

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