Platnuim dating service

See how our dating introductions process works step-by-step here.

You can complete the first stage of joining online for free.

After the first one, we'll wait for you to call or email us to request your introductions; after all, we don't want to distract you if you're in the first throes of an exciting new relationship.

After the first one, to speed things up and minimise our carbon footprint, we prefer to email profiles.

When you're selected as a match for another member, the same thing happens in reverse.

If your answer is 'no', your number will not be divulged.

Their answer will usually be 'yes'; after all, that's why they've joined.

Like most things in life, it's quality, not quantity that's important.

We'll give you the latest Events Calendar plus details of how to access the RSVP Website Members Area.

You're then free to come to events and start meeting people. Remember, Gold and Platinum members enjoy the full benefits of Neon membership, and we encourage you to use that.

All of those criteria are recorded on our sophisticated matchmaking system, which allows our matchmakers to quickly produce a shortlist from which they'll select the best possible match at any given moment.

But the investment on your part will be so worthwhile. All you have to do is make one call to arrange the date.

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