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Whether we admit it or not, Hip Hop has always loved a gossip story just as much as it’s loved a good old fashioned romance.

Rappers canoodling with rappers, actors, models, and other celebs, has always provided decent fodder when the music wasn’t at the forefront.

The characters are very well developed and, while the movie doesn't justify Josh's actions, it does convey compassion for him.

It also provides new insight on what it's really like to live in a ghetto.

Darlene may have been the first “Hip Hop honey,” and that’s ful.

Kanye West, having just left a relationship with former fiance Alexis Phifer, tore up the red carpet with the buxom Philadelphia dancer/model/video vixen Amber Rose in 2008.

"Jason's Lyric" combines crime drama, love story, and ghetto film-and does it surprisingly beautifully.

The acting is remarkable, the script is remarkable, and the emotion is remarkable.

Stretch hits a dumpster and the driver's airbag deploys on the limo. The fuel pumps on most newer cars shut down when the airbag deploys, which would prevent the car from going far.See more » ] If you like stories about chance and coincidence and fate, then here's one you'd never heard. Girl almost kills boy by running a red light at rush hour. I just don't get the mediocre ratings I'm seeing for this one.I thought it was a perfect action-comedy - right up there with ' The (original) Hangover', ' Horrible Bosses' and the like. Story: Tight, to-the-point, succinct and actually, pretty plausible. Not familiar with much of the director's work, but this was cool.Of course the break-ups prove to be just as interesting as the make-ups sometimes.Over the last 25-plus years, as Hip Hop ascended to global mainstream success, the private lives of its stars have also become public interest.

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