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In fact 15% of pet owners specifically try to catch their pet doing something naughty in their photos.

The second survey has produced results which are bound to be more controversial.

Whereas cat lovers were a little bit more aloof in their relationships".

The actual numbers show that dog lovers will spend more than twice as much money on a first date then will cat lovers.

She notes that "a dog requires a lot of attention, but dog lovers also get affection from their dogs.

It's immediate attention, it's gratifying, and it's fun." She summarizes her conclusions by saying "A person's relationship with their pet is kind of indicative of the company they like to keep.

90% of these dog owners admitted that they take more pictures of their pet than of their partners.

However we now have two new surveys which reflect on both of those issues.

The first survey was taken by Direct Line Pet Insurance and K9 Media.

She is a bit territorial about us, and seems to act like an only child who doesn't want any other sibs, or anyone on the outside to know about her. And while yes this article deals with cats OR dogs, and there are people who love both (I do, we just cannot have dogs in our apt), people tend to have more of a tendency.

A family member owns 2 cats and one dog, and certainly shows the dog more attention, and corresponds to the dog-loving explanations here too (including getting drunk and having sex on first date).

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