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‘Fuck’ is an old word, even if it’s been an almost taboo term for most of its existence.It was around; it just wasn’t used in common speech all that much, let alone written down and saved for posterity.One last nail in the coffin of the ‘fornication under consent of the king’ origin comes from the word ‘fornication’ itself.Though many reasonably conclude fornication is the old-time word for having sex, the term specifically excludes the physical union of man and wife. Now, aren't you glad you learned something new today?

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Until relatively recently it rarely appeared in print; even today, there are a number of euphemistic ways of referring to it in speech and writing, e.g.AHD1, following Pokorny, derived “feud”, “fey”, “fickle”, “foe”, and “fuck” from an Indo-European root peig2 = “hostile”; but AHD2 and AHD3 have dropped this connection for “fuck” and give no pre-Germanic etymon for it.Eric Partridge, in the 7th edition of Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (Macmillan, 1970), said that “fuck” “almost certainly” comes from the Indo-European root *peuk- = “to prick” (which is the source of the English words “compunction”, “expunge”, “impugn”, “poignant”, “point”, “pounce”, “pugilist”, “punctuate”, “puncture”, “pungent”, and “pygmy”).One can fornicate premaritally or extramaritally, but not intramaritally.In light of this, any claim wedded couples trying to entice the stork down their chimney were granted fornication permits crashes against the rock of the wrong word being used.

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