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Now when he reports to the set, he says, “I get to carry a pistol.” Elizabeth Berkley . After a brief 1993 engagement to actor Martin Lawrence, Voorhies, 27, wed L. “I thought she was a cute little girl on ‘s ultra-approachable principal, Haskins faced even the most outrageous student antics with a laugh. “Just last week someone said to me, ‘Let me hear your laugh, Mr. ’ ” says Haskins, who remained on the show throughout its 10-year run.

“That and the line, ‘Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on here?

“She was a child star,” says her lawyer Barry Levin. “Or six or seven.” Living in Italy for the past three years, the never-married Ray, 39, says he is now sober, earning money making public appearances. Debbie Allen Allen wasn’t an experienced mom during her stint as no-nonsense dance teacher Lydia Grant, but she felt like one. with her husband, film producer Scott Kramer, and their 10-year-old daughter—soon won over both Landsburg and fans. Says her 14-year-old granddaughter Carly Strauss (with Rae): “She always smiles and signs autographs.” Now 75, Rae, divorced since 1976, is still acting, mostly onstage near her homes in L. “If my car were to break down,” she says, “I could knock on any door and they’d let me come in and use the phone because I was Natalie.” Nancy Mc Keon After casting Mc Keon in Lifetime’s cop series last year, producer Deborah Joy Le Vine encountered the cult of Jo Polniaczek.

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Divorced since 1996, he lives in Los Angeles and sometimes visits schools to give motivational speeches.

1982-1987 Inspired by the 1980 film, the drama about a troupe of young actors, dancers, musicians and singers enrolled at what was then Manhattan’s High School for the Performing Arts “was a great place to get paid for growing up and learning,” says costar Nia Peeples. “It was almost talk-singing,” says Curreri, 40, who has a baby (and one on the way) with wife Sherry Dean Curreri, a TV producer.

And although school let out 14 years ago, the kinship is still strong. Today he plays to his strengths, composing scores for TV.

Her talent is unappreciated.” Lisa Whelchel Though she says she “couldn’t see much eternal impact” of starring on fame “gives me the opportunity to reach a wide audience.” Married since 1988 to Steven Cauble, 51, a minister (with their three kids, Tucker, 11, Haven, 10, and Clancy, 8), Whelchel says she “can’t go anywhere without being recognized as Blair,” but has no immediate plans to act again. from Pepperdine University and star on FOX’s 1989-1993 Buried between cartoons in an untraditional Saturday-morning time slot, the teen sitcom wasn’t expected to garner huge ratings.

“If I didn’t have kids, I would definitely go back—it’s such a creative release,” she says. But the gang from Bayside High—and their innocent antics—won a loyal audience.

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