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In extending their dominion over India and increasing trade with China in the second half of the 18th century, the British saw a need for a port of call in the South-East Asia region.Sir Stamford Raffles, Lieutenant Governor of Bencoolen established a trading station upon landing on 29 January 1819; on 6 February 1819, he concluded a formal treaty with Sultan Hussein of Johor and the Temenggong, Singapore, together with Malacca and Penang, the two British settlements in the Malay Peninsula, became the Straits Settlements in 1826, under the control of British India. How do I apply for a Michigan teaching certificate?School districts and/or staffing agencies use the system for permits, annual occupational authorizations, and school nurse certificates. Once you are at the log in screen, you will need to click "Login Assistance" if you have not previously accessed the system. Conduct your name search, and the next screen will state "No Account". I submitted my application and the status now indicates WAITING FOR DOCUMENTS. MOECS creates a cover letter that is specific to your application.

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Required test(s) determination will not be made prior to evaluation. I came from out of state and was issued a Michigan Temporary Teacher Employment Authorization. Your certificate may be issued once passing test scores are verified by MDE. Do not create multiple MEIS accounts, as MOECS will not allow you access to your certification account by using a new login name. If you didn't print the page, you can still get your account ID number in the "View/Update Profile" area in your MEIS account at

The British forces returned in September 1945 and Singapore came under the British Military Administration.

When the period of military administration ended in March 1946, the Straits Settlements was dissolved.

Michigan college and university certification offices use MOECS to recommend initial certificates and endorsements. Click on "Create Initial Account", which will take you to the Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) which creates all Login names and passwords. You renew your certificate by logging into MOECS, updating your personal information, add your professional learning, and following the application steps. Click on the application number and generate the cover letter to be printed.

Print your confirmation page MEIS provides, as you will need the information when registering into MOECS the first time. If you have not previously accessed your MOECS certification account, you will need to create a MEIS account and self-register before you can log on to MOECS. How do I know if I can use District Provided Professional Development? It includes a checklist of documents and instructions for submitting your complete packet.

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