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I will soon write a review on Nanning as I have done on Guangzhou. Nanning people typically are very friendly and a guy form the USA should have little trouble in Nanning. Guangxi Province is an Autonomous Province and so it's rules and fees may be quite different from other provinces.

I must say I have a real affinity for Nanning, and as Rob' says "once you have visited Nanning, you will want to return again!! But, i found the marriage process inexpensive and the wedding dinner @ a 4 star hotel for 80 people was about 0 - Not bad..

Perhaps a mystery single-men-appreciating-Chinese-women should investigate? I am an Australian citizen, and I have been to Nanning, have met a wonderul woman over over the internet,communicated with her with e-mail chat and phone calls, inc text have stayed there a month and got engaged: Have now applied for a visa for her. I will need some information similiar,to the 0.8000,approx. S/ This is exactly,what my fiancee,aregoing to though she does prefer,the Red Envelope,and Red Carpet.

cost(00.00 including immigration fee and agents fee) and am now waiting for some response from the embassy in which there is a complete silence. Our date for marriage was set for 5-3-56, day before by bithday, six months have passed.when the forms were sent...I am wishing I had married her over there! After she gets permanent residency, my plan eventually is to stay in Nanning 9 months of every year. I have done a lot of research,and if its accurate,the reception,will be mymain expense. I am still researching,all the possibilities,for the laws,and regulations, American and Chinas.

If these things are demonstrated there should be little problems with denial of the luckgary This is interesting - there seems to be plenty of search results on the Net with this topic (Nanning/Marriage) that tells you virtually nothing.

It does not seem that the American Consulate in Guangzhou was not overly helpful in one fellow's experience.

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As long as all the paper work is correct, well organized, truthful - and, providing the man can meet financial reqirements, a visa should be no peroblem.

All I have to do,is see,if my information,is workable,and give itmy best shot.

I have to take all my documentation,my problem,is hers,as she has little idea,of thecomplete process. What aboutthe police, do they have to be toldyou have a girlfriend?

I do not,believe,everything is accurate,aseveryone,describes,the wedding differently.

Thanks Again James blueyankee Hi, you have many questions.....

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