Loli cams

“As authenticity starts to go down, we find that the girl becomes more concerned about how many likes [she’s] getting and what people think about [her] as opposed to what kind of person [she is].” Plus, those photos are forever — and easily copied.

“You set yourself up for porn, pedophiles, all different kinds of things you’re not thinking about,” says Borba.

In the morning, Lolita wakes up and nuzzles him as he feigns sleep. Humbert launches into a dreamy description of how he would repaint the Enchanted Hunters hotel in order to make the setting of his first encounter with Lolita a more natural, romantic one.

Humbert once again defends his actions as natural, using history as evidence.

Humbert eagerly anticipates caressing the unconscious Lolita.

He claims that he hadn’t planned on taking Lolita’s innocence or purity but merely wanted to fondle her while she slept.

The combination works; her Instagram has landed Kelly a modeling gig for VFiles, a free trip to Art Basel Miami (she flew private), a shopping spree at Kitsuné’s Paris boutique and a falling-out with former BFF and Jaden Smith’s girlfriend Sarah Snyder.

“I’ve had the most surreal year ever,” says the Seattle native, who joined Instagram in 2013 before moving to NYC, where she attended the New School for two years before dropping out this past May after falling on her head, drunk, and nearly dying, she says.

“My dream would be to start my own sex-ed program,” says Kelly, who’s currently single and says she’s only ever slept with people she’s seriously dated (two of whom have gotten tattoos of her name).

But Kelly, who considers herself a feminist, doesn’t seem too concerned.

“I think it all comes down to that I don’t really care,” says Kelly, who supports herself with a front-desk job at a casting agency and help from her dad. The Internet sensation insists her voyeuristic photos are just a launching pad.

He admits that it should have been clear to him then that Lolita and Annabel were not the same, and that if he had known what pain and trouble would follow, he would have done things differently.

Downstairs, Humbert wanders through the hotel’s public rooms.

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