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We’re bringing him all the way from Michigan to perform."While Cooper expressed admiration for Wilson's talent, he also said presenting a transgender performer at the top of the bill is important because he sees transgender issues at the forefront of today's civil rights discussions."The transgender community is kind of the cutting edge of LGBT rights right now, with the bathroom bills and the attention that some transgender celebrities have received," he said."Transgender rights are the next wave in LGBT issues, so I’m glad we have somebody who symbolizes that, in addition to being a really good singer."Cooper said the day would also include local talent, culminating in the traditional drag performance.If you're not a part of the LGBT community or close to someone who is, you might be confused when you hear Pensacola PRIDE is almost upon us.Doesn't Pensacola celebrate gay pride during Memorial Day weekend?"He documented his transition through his Instagram account, and it’s part of his personality as an artist, but he’s also a really excellent singer.I think of it as modern country, with a lot of guitar and country soulfulness.The organization presents Pensacola PRIDE, a week of events celebrating LGBT pride and the vibrant Pensacola LGBT community."Pensacola PRIDE is really for the residents of the area to get together and celebrate our own community," Cooper said."It's a time to get folks together and celebrate local LGBT culture in a way they don't get to very often."Cooper stressed that Pensacola PRIDE events are welcoming of all — that means you straight folks, too — with entertainment that is appropriate for people of all ages.

Landreth's menu for the evening includes spicy grilled shrimp, fresh dinner salad, roasted chicken beurre blanc and chocolate mousse with puff pastry and raspberries, along with specialty cocktails."On top of that, we’ll have live entertainment from the Coastal Cabaret Ensemble, a group led by Andy Davis," Cooper said. The theme for Pensacola PRIDE this year is 'Reignite the Fire,' and they’ll be doing music in that vein."Ball tickets are in advance, inclusive of the meal and cocktails. Cooper said the "Reignite the Fire" theme was an important reminder to his community that the fight for equality is not over."We chose that because after the marriage decision, a lot of the community felt like we had won, we were done and didn’t have to worry anymore," Cooper said, referring to the fact that marriage equality is now the law of the land.

We ask our entertainers to keep everything at a PG level, and our vendors are all very respectful.

We want everyone to be comfortable."Cooper said the festival will feature a variety of entertainment, vendors and food booths running throughout the day, including a headliner he was very excited to introduce to Pensacola."Our headline entertainment is Jaimie Wilson, a 20-year-old female-to-male transgender artist — that’s how he bills himself," Cooper said.

It's easy to understand why some people are confused.

The big, flashy Memorial Weekend parties draw thousands of tourists and get a lot of attention.

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