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Episodes have in the past featured DNA paternity tests being revealed live.

The TV watchdog, the ITC, said ITV had a lapse of “serious misjudgement” for broadcasting the results of DNA paternity tests live on air at a time when children were likely to be watching.

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If you were intrigued by the first few episodes, the persistent melancholy can start to get depressing as the season progresses.

Things are pretty bleak, and at least in the first six episodes, they don't get much lighter.

” Following complaints from the public about the show the programme makers were condemned for revealing the DNA paternity tests in such an inappropriate way and at such an insensitive time.

DNA tests were carried out on children as young as four for the show and were delivered to the studio live by motorcycle courier.

One mother asked for her son Jack to be tested after having suspicions he had been conceived on the back seat of a car, but it turned out Jack’s dad was actually someone else.

A DNA paternity test should never be taken lightly, the results can have a great emotional impact on adults and children alike.

The ITC told the BBC that the programme was ‘confrontational and aggressive’ and pushed the limit of acceptability.

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