Kimberly locke dating harvey

Right after his blow-up with Harvey that occurred at the end of the fifth episode, Diamond was shown packing up his clothes in a bedroom while Ross the Intern tried to talk to him.

Diamond vented his anger and said the following to Ross:“Maybe I’ll just stick around and piss people off.

When Diamond’s belonging were packed up, he left and then the remaining cast members returned to the weigh-in room so that Kimberley Locke could be weighed in.

Ant mentioned that Tiffany left because Diamond’s outburst had upset her so much.

The seven remaining contestants vented about how much they disliked Diamond for his childish behavior in the previous episode.Apparently everyone finds out that Diamond is taking a weight loss drug and become very upset with him!So Buddha and Tailor Made got into a fight on New Year's Eve very reminicent of this one: Page Six is reporting that Buddha hit up the same Tenjune party in the MIA as the new happy couple-Tailor Made and New York-and started brawling with Tailor Made over New York: “Buddha showed up around 3 a.m. Black men dont like it when the shoe is on the other foot. Kelly's Ex-Girlfriend Is About To Drop All The Pee Tea» LAVISH LUNCH!Kimberley complained about what a jerk Diamond was while she was being weighed.After Kimberley’s weigh in, the cast was shown one week later in Malibu.

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