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the addictive pistachio-and-saffron brittle that is the Qom specialty, and a pressing invitation to stay for dinner, and indeed for the night.

The pressure is re-doubled on this occasion because the last time we met and talked I was the host.

Changing the emphasis slightly, he asks my opinion of the referendum movement.I have become almost averse to shaking hands in Iran by now, because it isn’t permitted for a man to shake a woman’s hand in public in this nerve-racked country, and if you unlearn the conditioned reflex in one way, you unlearn it in another.But as I feel young Khomeini’s polite grip, I fancifully experience a slight crackle from history.All women are supposed to cover all their hair at all times, and to wear a long jacket, or manteau, that covers them from neck to knee.But it’s amazing how enticing the compulsory scarf can be when worn practically on the back of the head and held in place only by hair spray.

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