Intimidating nickname

Looking more like a porn star than sports star, it’s baffling as to how a college could choose this animal out of the thousands of species that inhabit our planet to represent them.Maybe it has something to do with Evergreen State’s official motto: “Let it all hang out”, but that would just be gross.Way back in 1970, Scottsdale Community College left it up to its students to create and vote on a new mascot for the school’s burgeoning athletics program.But, because community colleges are more known for their stoners and lifetime students than for creative intelligence, as a prime example of “what did you expect would happen?Boy, for a bunch of university students and professors given 17 years, you’d think they could come up with something more creative than a hairy orange wearing blue pants and a baseball cap.From the simply uncreative to the plainly insane, no one at Williams College in Massachussettes seems to know how or why a strange purple cow with a yellow streak became the school’s official mascot, yet they accept it without question.Some schools however eschew the standard of dropping a lonely nerd into an angry Eagle costume and go down a road less traveled; that of the seemingly confused, bizarre, and straight up insane mascot.

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Seussian bovine nightmare, even if they still have no idea where exactly she came from.

As Williams College’s chief rival, it stands to reason that Amherst College must also embrace the spirit of the ridiculous with their costumed symbol in order to remain in contention for the lamest mascot award.

Ambitiously described as “a big, bad, muscle-bound bundle of wheat” on his official Wichita State University web page, Wu Shock is one of the sillier college mascots the world has ever seen.

Being a mere bundle of wheat, it’s quite a leap of faith to believe that he could be intimidating or disheartening to any of Wichita’s opponents, even if you do give him Mr.

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