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Feeling a sense of home and belonging, Bruce formed a gang called Inner City Posse, which was composed of Joseph Utsler, Rudy Hill, other friends of Bruce, and a number of other connections he had made in Southwest Detroit.During this time Bruce brought Utsler backstage with him, and all four became close friends.Along with Utsler's brother, John, and friend, Lacy, they wrestled in backyard rings that they had built themselves.In 1989, Joseph Bruce, as Jagged Joe, Joseph Utsler, as Kangol Joe, and John Utsler, as Master J, released the single titled "Party at the Top of the Hill" under the name of JJ Boys, but the group did not pursue a serious career in music.Esham wished Bruce well and Bruce gave the rapper a copy of Dog Beats; this began the friendship and professional relationship between Psychopathic Records and Esham's label, Reel Life Productions.In late 1991, the group had the problem of having spent more money on production than was covered by returns.

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Bruce met Esham for the first time at the station and praised him.The group decided that its gangsta rap style was the cause: Most emcees at the time used similar styles, making it difficult for Inner City Posse to distinguish itself stylistically.Referring to local rapper Esham's horrorcore style, Bruce suggested the band adapt this genre, in a bid to have Detroit represent acid rap, much as Los Angeles represented gangsta rap.Ticket please, thanks walk through the door into the halls of illusions, visit yours and see what could of, should of.would of been real but you had to jack the whole deal "Lets take a walk down the hallway its a long way, it takes all day" and when we get to the end, you'll a chair with straps and chains we slap you in there lock you down tight so you can't move a thread and pull your eye lids up over your head because you're about to witness an illusioniry dream it's just to bad it ain't what it seems "You walk in and see two kids on the floor they playing nintendo and hes got the high score and sitting behind them chillin' in the chair is your wife , but when you look up, she ain't there it's some other man, in the hand to hand and she looks so happy you dont understand but this is an illusion it should of never became true ALL BECAUSE OF YOU" back to reality and your about your wife cant smile cause you knocked her teeth out and see stright from getting hit because your a fat worthless drunk piece of shit but its all good here, come have a beer and have a toast to ya, cause your end is near and your death is wicked, painful, and slow at the hands of milenko (chrious) "Great milenko wave your wand come in to and your life is gone this is all because of you what you got your self into" Look who it's Mr.

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