Html code for validating username and password

Replace the code with your custom user name and password validation scheme, which might involve retrieving user name and password pairs from a database.

Public Class Custom User Name Validator Inherits User Name Password Validator ' This method validates users.

User Id "'", connection); using (data Reader = sql Command. Add With Value("@Password", obj Log On User Information. Close(); cmd One = new Sql Command("select customername from customer where userid='" obj Log On User Information.

Execute Reader()) cmd = new Sql Command(@"select User ID from Credentials WHERE User [email protected] ID AND [email protected]", con); cmd. Add With Value("@User ID", obj Log On User Information.

// Function that enables LOGON for a registered User into site public string Log On(User Information obj Log On User Information) { Connection Manager con Cm = new Connection Manager(); try { Sql Connection con = con Cm.

Open Connection(); Sql Command cmd,cmd One; Sql Data Reader dr; string _str = "U"; cmd = new Sql Command("select User ID from Credentials", con); dr = cmd. Read()) 1 for the ' Why don't you use the provided login mechanisms?

In our example, we have a login form with two input fields i.e.

Throw New Fault Exception("Unknown Username or Incorrect Password") ' When you do not want to throw an infomative fault to the client, ' throw the following exception.

The clear text password could, for example, come from a text box on a Web page. The second parameter is the clear text password for the user.

This example shows how to create a new function, called that you use to validate a password for a user in the Profiles System.

The process of validating passwords and other data is complex.

It consists of this process: This example contains the logic to validate a clear text password for a user against the password stored in the Profiles System.

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