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There’s only one way that you, as a consumer, can take the power back – and that’s by taking your dollar to someone else. They’ve made you look like an uncaring buzzkill – one that regards her husband as one of the kids.

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In July 1943, the German Army and Italy, its companion in the war, were reeling on both the Russian and Mediterranean fronts.Into this maelstrom of war sailed a small destroyer, the USS Butler, approximately 1,600 tons in size.Working at his forward duty station, copying code from distant radio signals, was a young man from , age 23.After a year and half in the Navy, he was about to receive a baptism of fire. Launched in 1942 in Philadelphia, its top speed was 34 knots.It came loaded with torpedoes, depth charges, four 5-inch guns and anti-aircraft batteries. After the invasion of Sicily, she escorted Royal Navy carriers before returning to New York, where Bishop was transferred to the USS Barker.

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