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My name is Mary and although we were divorced in 1960, I do care how he fared.I do know that he emigrated to Vancouver, Canada, and was well known as a racing commentator on the radio. If anybody has a recollection or news of Geoffrey, I would be so grateful to hear from for details Kim Chaney MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Vicky Chaney 1970I was born Kim Renee Chaney on 20th February 1970 in England to American Service parents. I do know that my father had a relationship of some years with my mother but was killed in Viet Nam at the age of 20.I am married now and have a lovely little girl, so I am sure Vicky would love to see her for details Jude Dasilva MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: John andrew Soares 1965I am searching for my cousin John Andrew Soares.

She was married on 13th July 1936 to Frederick Jonathan Keep in Gloucester, although she came from Ripon in Yorkshire. Jonathan and Kathleen Keep and any family, who would be my half siblings?I would so much like to be in touch with my father again.He is Irish, but has mostly lived in Birmingham, where he was a bus driver.So far I have not been able to trace Elizabeth or Christopher, and would be so happy to hear of for details Anita Purcell MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Stewart Mckay 1969im looking for my father stewart alexander mckay ive never met him and i feel i would like to get to know him as he has left a big gap in my lifeclick for details Paul Clemence MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Thomas Fortune 1948My name is Paul, and I was born on 8th July, 1948 in London.I was adopted and brought up by a loving family in England, but shortly after my birth my natural mother emigrated to Australia.

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    The Bible guides us in some areas by broader, more general principles and ideas we can build on as we strive to live the Christian life in practical ways.

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    JSwipe JSwipe is a dating app for the Jewish community, but it’s open to anyone.