Error validating server certificate for unknown certificate issuer

Microsoft and Netscape have therefore determined the role of the Certification Authority - to use their trusted status to "pass trust" to websites whom ordinarily would not be trusted by a customer.

The key issue must now be addressed - before passing such trust, how does the CA know the website can be trusted?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the transaction security protocol used by hundreds of thousands of websites to protect online commerce.

The widespread use of SSL has invariably encouraged online commerce and helped it rise to its current levels.

What does a Certification Authority do before issuing a trusted SSL Certificate?

This may only be achieved by employing stringent validation processes to ensure issuance practices only allow the SSL Certificate to be issued to a legitimate company.Step 2: Verify that the applicant is a legitimate and legally accountable entity.The compromise of either step endangers the message of trust and legitimacy provided to the end consumer.As Microsoft and Netscape provide the major operating systems and browsers, they have elected whether to include the Certification Authority into the Trusted Root CA store, thereby giving trusted status.Microsoft and Netscape determine which organizations are Certification Authorities.

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