Dynamically updating treeview node wpf

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Observable Collection only provided notifications when we make any change in the collection itself like Adding or Removing an Item.

This may or may not improve perf but you'll at least avoid a View-by-Using-the-View Mode Look at demo 2 in the same article when creating a treeview item, attach a dummy object On expansion of each treeview item, delete the dummy child if it is in and add actual children if at all it has.

Its very clearly explained in the above quoted article IF you are not very familiar wtih tree view , then you can first take this tutorial and this tutorial describes how to use treelist.

My code is in like this: EDIT The Source Updated event doesn't fire, but I tried with a Observable Collection.

Collection Changed and it is ok, so I would ask to give a little code of yours, here is what I have tested, hope it helps: I don't see if you've subscribed for the Collection Changed Event, try List.

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