Duabi dating

With this fine line in mind, we’ve compiled a list that covers the casual post-work drinks spot, the charming hideaway, two sophisticated settings, the fun and bubbly lounge, and the “sweep ‘em off their feet” destination.

If you happen to work at DIFC, it’s hard to go wrong with Boca, especially now that it’s cool enough to sit in their terrace outside.

Of course, the venue you choose will depend on whom you’re taking out, your own personal style, and what your intentions are.

But there’s a fine line to tread between making no effort at all, like taking your date out to a chain restaurant or a sports bar, for example; and going over the top way too early, like dinner at a fine dining establishment best reserved for those very, very special occasions.

For one, later in the evening Sho Chos is host to an unpretentious, super-fun party scene, with resident DJs that really know how to work the crowd.

And the fish, which comprises most of the menu, is always fresh.

Gate Village 6, DIFC; If you happen to work (or live) on the other side of town, may we suggest drinks at The Social Room?

We really like this little offshoot by the side of celeb chef Jason Atherton’s sleek Marina Social.

Their resident DJ spins a welcome mix of contemporary and Motown tunes (at just the right volume too), and if you show up during their happy hour an order of drinks comes with a selection of Pintxos – little snacks that go down really nicely.I'm fond of high street fashion but comfortable clothesim simple, loving, caring and hardworking person,, im single mom and im working here in dubai more than 3 yrs.,. simple in shirt and pants looking for serious and honest guy I'm a happy soul, very honest. I love my Am a very focus person & i do my things with sincerity, nice & simple person, i work with a well know hotel in Dubai, I spend my time at work, hanging out & go shopping. If there are any lulls in the conversation, at least you can take in the view.Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, Jumeirah 1; No exaggeration, Pierchic is on every single “most romantic date spot in Dubai” list.

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