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Cut over the hill to Munhall, drop Bud off at his house and after he gives us something from his garden, visit the painter Ben Matthews who shows in NYC galleries and whose paintings sell for 15 to 20 grand a pop but who prefers to remain in his home town and work for a landscape crew. Nutting and his gang should be forced to sell the team.

Shoot over the Homestead Bridge (Josh Gibson, if you please) and grab some coffee and a cupcake at Dozen (maybe we'll get lucky and get the PB and bacon! We could pop into the JCC and see if one of the Oral History speakers is holding forth on the miracle of surviving WWII or the beauties of Eastern Poland before the War, or the Sephardic tradition in song and music. They're a disgrace to our community and to American sports.

At the time, he had caught his big break starring in ABC’s Relativity opposite Kimberly Williams, yet despite his success in Hollywood, was attending a Halloween costume party benefiting a local arts organization here in Pittsburgh. It took 13 years, but I did finally get to do that when I had lunch with him at The Common Plea two years ago.

So while the ladies of Pittsburgh were all, “His eyes. A Juilliard-trained actor born and raised in Pittsburgh, he continues to make a home here and stays heavily involved in local projects and organizations he believes in.

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David was born, raised and still resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.That afternoon I'd blindfold them, walk them into Heinz Chapel, take off the cloth and ask, "Where are you?" Then I'd ask Denny Davin at The Allegheny County building to let the people at Rivers of Steel National Heritage in Homestead give us a tour of the Carrie Furnace in Rankin- something they've been doing for ages before the County locked them out- we'd go into the old Mill and Augie and Ron from Rivers would tell us how the place worked and how the men and women of the Mon Valley poured in and out of these factories and I'd say, “Remember that chapel we were just in?He went on to appear in off-Broadway productions of Troilus and Cressida, Richard II and Tom Stoppard's Indian Ink.Most recently, in June 2009, he performed as Pale in the play Burn This at the New Hazlett Theater in Pittsburgh.

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