Dating rachel 2 walkthrough

Soon, his friend, James, comes to greet him and remind that Celeste's wedding is soon to begin.

Stephen then changes his outfit into formal one and heads to the chapel.

Little does Stephen know that his life is about to get turned upside down....

While Stephen's cooking his first meal in a new house, his boss Julianne will come asking him to make the salad and the lobster as well as to create the ice sculpture for the Mesa Flats Midnight Masquerade.

Midnight Masquerade is a guided game in The Sims Pet Stories.

It starts when Stephen Loyal, an accomplished Sim City chef, who leads a quiet and ordered life in the desert suburb of Mesa Flats has been lately unusually busy getting ready for his cousin's wedding and helping his employer Julianne cater the annual Mesa Flats Midnight Masquerade ball.

After he comes there, they play cards a bit and James tells him that con-man's last name starts with an S which means Gordon is not that guy.

While they're talking, Rachel comes and joins the game.

He meets Erin there and asks her to the masquerade and she says she'd love to go with him, but Gordon already asked her.

They decide to take photos in the photo booth and head home.

The next day, Stephen, after cleaning his kitchen, prepares salad for the Masquerade but Diva eats it.

The next day, Stephen decides to buy a litter box for his cat.

While in the store, he sees Gordon flirting with one woman who falls in love with him immediately.

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