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If you’re a dual national, you should contact the Cuban Embassy for advice on entry requirements before you travel.

Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay.

Kennedy announces that the Soviet Union has placed nuclear weapons in Cuba and, in response, the United States will establish a blockade around the island to prevent any other offensive weapons from entering Castro’s state. Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd is shot by FBI agents in a cornfield in East Liverpool, Ohio.

Floyd, who had been a hotly pursued fugitive for four years, used his last breath to deny his involvement in the infamous Kansas City Massacre, in which four officers were shot to death at...

The authorities in the country or territory you’re travelling to are responsible for setting and enforcing the rules for entry.The coal mine, where 284 workers were on duty on October 22, was owned by Phelps, Dodge and...The first parachute jump of note is made by André-Jacques Garnerin from a hydrogen balloon 3,200 feet above Paris.On this day in 1864, Confederate General John Bell Hood pulls his battered army into Guntersville, Alabama, but finds the Tennessee River difficult to cross.Plotting another attack against the Yankees, he continues traveling westward with his defeated army.

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