Dating a jehova witness bryan adams is dating 2016

My dilema is that I don't want to get too involved and find out one day that it's not going to work when I've already fallen for the guy. My experience with this girl after seeing a movie with a couple of friends and her as part of the group led me to believe that the religion of Jehovah feels a lot more cultish than religious.

The movie we had seen then was Pink Floyd's "the wall" and the dicussion after while scarfing down steins of beer back at the restaurant was enough to convince me of this.

Oh Lordy.......don't you be opening Pandors's box to that guy!

What kind of love is it that you fall into a relationship with someone whoyou know at the start is not right for you? or make a relationship with someone based on hopes and dreams that they will be someone..they clearly are not.

I dont see how it can work for long..of course not all JW are devout...

and not all non religious are'without relationship with God... The differences and issues will lie in the details of the people involved and how they view life. how can you have already fallen for the guywhen you plainly see he is not the one for you? do you not love yourself and value yourself enoughto let someone go..

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. down the road what will he then be thinking.anyone who says its not as bad as all that know of just a very small hand full that this has worked for.i myself would not get involved with anyone who was not a christian.

Okay, I met this guy who works in my office building and I really like him. We have alot in common, and this has the potential to become something serious in the future. They go to church on Sunday for more than a few hours. I have an issue with people who come to your home to try and persuade you to join their church. and i know that myself thought at one time i could over look her not being one. not a good idea at luck in whatever you decide to do with this guy. Quite a few years ago a good buddy of mine started dating one of the girls we both worked with.

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