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But look closely, and you'll see that the fashion has hardly evolved since the 90s.

With the creative urge innate to the Goth community, you would think that there would be a universe of dark, romantic fashion niches by now. Goth culture has survived for 35 years alongside mainstream culture, despite opposing it in many superficial ways.

If you think about it, no other group on earth intentionally projects unhappiness like Goths.

No religion or advertising campaign ever depends on seeming unhappy to drive people's interest. So why is Goth only synonymous with images of death, decay and loss?

But for those who want a deeper and more personal experience of being Goth, there are hundreds of ways to dive in. If you haven't already, look into the manners of Victorian-era gentlemen and ladies.

Goth-dom has its own Lady of Manners, who literally wrote the book on courtesy: Gothic Charm School. Are Goths really as ridiculous as South Park or SNL's Goth Talk would have people believe?

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But for all its nocturnal charm, the Goth subculture has a very real dark side that hasn't been addressed for decades.

We set up Death Culture at the Hummingbird and later on Contamination at Edwards No. These night were getting 3/400 people every week or fortnight."I don't know why but since about 1999 the scene has really declined in Birmingham, even though in other places like Leeds, Sheffield and even Coventry, it's doing really well.

Maybe it has something to do with the closure of the main club the Barrel Organ.

That was the biggest place to be if you were alternative."Every ten years or so things evolve and new people come into the scene and others leave it.

Most of the people who were a goth at the same time I was have mortgages now and are really boring!

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