Chemical dating in archaeology

The fluoride selective electrode uses the same principle as the familiar p H electrode.

When the electrode is placed in a solution that contains fluoride, it produces a voltage that is proportional to the amount of fluoride in the solution.

At the Los Pozos site in Arizona, fluoride dates from intersecting features (such as those shown here) excavated by Desert Archaeology, Inc.

The actual measurements will only consume about 15 mg. Schurr Director, Fluoride Dating Service Center Department of Anthropology University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN 46556 USA Phone: (219) 631-7638 FAX: (219) 631-8209 Email: Mark.

A bibliography of fluoride dating applications is available.

Fluoride dating of control samples and burial treatment clusters was used to establish the contemporaneity of the burial treatments at the Middle Mississippian Angel site in southwestern Indiana.

A calibration curve can be produced by measuring standard solutions of known fluoride concentration.

The calibration curve is then used to determine the fluoride content of unknowns.

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