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One of the most popular dancers on "Dancing with the Stars", Chelsie Hightower is back for another season.

She will have to rely on her training and experience with Michael Bolton as her dance partner this season.We appreciate the help, but it needs to be sourced, otherwise it’s just a distraction. Derek recently said, very firmly, that he’s not coming back. Since he’s committed to NBC I would assume that to be solid, despite what he says about Celine Dion. Peta pretty much outright said if she gets a good partner. Watch this space down here and I’ll be updating (or trying to) as we go! I have a question mark by Jenna with the word out because I think it hinges on SYTYCD.

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    She's also planning a Rockstar Women's Business Conference, during which she'll auction off the cowboy hat Bret gave her when he eliminated her in the fourth episode of Season 1, sending her home to be with her son. The proceeds from the auction will raise money for diabetes, in honor of Bret, who suffers from it. Maybe [Bret] and I could team up and help people do it." But she's grateful to the show and all that came from it. It helped me continue my career, it helped me worldwide -- there are people who have flown from all over the world to come see me and meet me and see what I've built." But, she adds, "That stuff can be taken away in a heartbeat, in a flash.

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