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While the Anniversary Update banished some of those early problems, others have come to the surface since the second biggest Windows 10 update landed at the beginning of August.The main problem to hit a number of machines concerns webcams.

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Most of that progress has been related to increasing their fast discharge and charge capabilities.

Plus, we scrutinize Face ID, and talk about all the Star Wars and comic book movie news of the week.

Lithium Polymer (Li Po) batteries are presently the standard power source for most hobby-grade RC vehicles.

More voltage fed your electric motor equals more RPMs. I recently tested a Li HV battery to determine whether these types of cells are an overall advantage for me.

That will give your RC toy a zippy performance boost, right? Standard Li Po batteries have 4.2 volts per cell when fully-charged. That extra .15 volts may not seem like much, but it could make a significant difference in some applications. So the extra voltage of a Li HV battery is multiplied by the number of cells. So, Li HV cells operate over a slightly broader voltage range than standard Li Po variants.

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