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One good post it better than a large number of poor and give main contribution to the posts rating; - Rating and tag reputation are not static and increasing with users reputation.

But Kate published a post with tag "steem" as Bob, Bob voted her post, and Kate got X reputation in the ranking tag "steem" frpost_comment your-acct "re-t3ran13-the-alternative-steem-tops--gmt-top-of-the-pop-blogger-newbies-20171116t063618364z" "t3ran13" "the-alternative-steem-tops--gmt-top-of-the-pop-blogger-newbies" "" "your reply.." "" true This is posts rating of the authors that "trying their pen" on the platform, according to the opinion of "successful" writers.

- Protection from bot cheating - they would not have posts at all and the reputation for influence to rating OR the reputation weakened over time OR will be the reputation only for some tags (not many); It is impossible to contain a lot of bots and make posts for them with good quality for all tags!

- Rating is created by authors, that make good quality posts permanently; - On the first place is quality value, it is not quantitative!

Lukio aikana yks veijari kännipäissään sheivas kaikki karvat päästään ja tukka senku jatkoi kasvuaan mutta kulmakarvat lopetti tietyssä pituudessä..

Voisiko geenimanipulaatiolla siirretty saman ominaisuuden kainaloon olisi tasainen siili sitten siellä?

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