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Casanova repeatedly called “John,” who arrived about 20 minutes later.Johnson watched him disappear into Casanova’s car with a clear plastic bag in his hand.“It’s not that these people aren’t guilty; they agreed to do the drug buy,” said Katie Tinto, a law professor at the University of California at Irvine. Is this good use of our dollars for who we want our law enforcement to go after and then who we want to imprison?” ‘Selective enforcement’ Defense attorneys want to know how ATF chose which people to go after and how the bureau used informants.“If they are black, white, green, brown and don’t have the criminal history, they are not going to get pursued,” and vice-versa, Johnson said from the witness stand.“We tried to get the worst of the worst.” The ATF operation relied on informants, people who are either paid by the government or are cooperating in exchange for leniency in their own criminal cases.

Here are the top-line findings: A legal scholar who has studied ATF stings observed how confidential informants fanned across certain neighborhoods in Albuquerque offering opportunities to commit crime resembled operations in other cities that provoked controversy.APD officers were assigned to Johnson’s team and assisted in the operation, he said in court.A few days after the hearing, Pori reflected on Johnson’s testimony.They stood outside the Allsup’s convenience store at Zuni Road and Kentucky Street SE. On the third day Casanova found his way to “John,” a white guy he’d met in prison six years earlier.The stranger wanted meth, firearms; the friend brought Casanova in. The stranger agreed in a series of texts to pay a finder’s fee of some dope and maybe a little cash. The deal went down on June 7, 2016, a hot Thursday.

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