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Birth place of Gemma Collins Estuary English is the name given to an accent (or group of accents) that may informally be considered a compromise between Cockney and RP.It retains some aspects of Cockney, such as the vocalisation of (the glottal stop) in weak positions, or occasionally with d).The traditional origin story is that the Dockyards attracted an influx of East Londoners at the turn of the 20th century and the accent is based in "Dockyard slang".

It stands well apart both structurally and phonetically from all other local English varieties around it.English in southern England (also, rarely, Southern English English, or in the UK, simply, Southern English) is the collective set of different dialects and accents of the English spoken in southern England.South East England and the Home Counties (the counties bordering London) tend to reflect the interface between the London region and other regional accents.Before the 21st Century, West Herts and Buckinghamshire tended to have r-coloured vowels; for instance, here the established dialects made a distinction between the words farther and father .However, in recent times, strong influences have come from London's Estuary English, thanks to the influx of post-World War II migrants from across London, and thus Estuary English is now the norm across West Herts and Buckinghamshire (though some of the older dialect can be heard in older generations, particularly in more rural areas).

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