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In the spring of 2010, he released his first single entitled, Born on March 8, 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia, Devon Werkheiser is the son of Valerie and Gary Werkheiser.Raised around the area of Johns Creek, his parents first realized his acting potential when he performed a convincing impersonation of Jim Carrey at the age of six.Later available on DVD in November 2010, the movie featured an opening song performed by Kimberly Cole and Sandy Simmons; the song played during the ending credits on the other hand, was none other than Werkheiser’s first single called, . Created by Patrick Sean Smith, it followed the lives of a group of students at the fictitious Cyprus Rhodes University in Ohio; the show’s main characters include Rusty Cartwright (played by Jacob Zachar), Casey Cartwright (played by Spencer Gramer), Cappie (played by Scott Michael Foster), Evan Chambers (played by Jake Mc Dorman), and various others.

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Starring Werkheiser as Nick Bigby, the live-action sitcom centered around the teen as he offers viewers with advice on how to survive through middle school.

aired, fans have turned into super-sleuths in trying to figure out who exactly uber A.

Some spotted a piece of hair that dropped into the screen while “A” was handing Jenna a binder, and pointed out that it looks a heck of a lot like Lindsey Shaw‘s hairstyle — and they also noticied that Paige’s new Rosewood High job is the Athletic Department Supervisor…

Showing an early aptitude for acting and performing, he dazzled his parents with a near-perfect Jim Carrey impersonation when he was six years old.

Noticing their son’s natural talents, they eventually enrolled him in acting lessons at Atlanta’s Talent Factory, where he took part in a number of plays including After a few years of training, Wekheiser landed his professional role in a NBC commercial where he starred alongside Charles Barkley.

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