Anna cappellini luca lanotte dating

Married pairs skater Ondřej Hotárek in the summer of 2015 ...Enjoys the ballet and volunteering at dog shelters.They withdrew from 2010 Skate America in order to prepare a new free dance.Cappellini/Lanotte later missed Italian nationals and the European Championships because Lanotte had a knee injury.Broke her leg in 1999 and was off the ice for six months ...Skated with Matteo Zanni for five years, finishing fifth at the 2004 World Junior Championships ...

They then finished 11th at the 2010 World Championships; in the free dance, the two collided during the twizzle sequence, causing Cappellini to fall, and received low levels on several elements.

They can't wait to compete and they want to get some feedback about their programs.

Their first competition will be in Minsk, then NHK and Skate America.

They were the second Italian pair to win World Championship gold after Fusar Poli/Margaglio.

Anna Cappellini (born 19 February 1987) is an Italian ice dancer.

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