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John Apesos: “Geavanceerde stadsboerderijen bieden steden de mogelijkheid vers voedsel, zeer lokaal en het gehele jaar door te verbouwen, de salades en kruiden worden in eerste aanleg op bestelling geteeld voor restaurants in Amsterdam”.

Pim Evers , oprichter van de Hannekes Boom , Vergulden Eenhoorn , en vele andere populaire restaurants is onderdeeel van de adviesraad van Grow X: “Vertical Farming biedt ongekende mogelijkheden voor Amsterdam en vele andere steden over de hele wereld.

“In some councils it’s OK to be a sex worker in your own home, in some you can only work in a brothel, some do not give licenses to brothels.

In others you are not classed as running a business if you only have a few clients a week and only put up adverts twice a year - and that’s OK.

"It’s irrelevant if you are a ‘happy hooker’ or not.

When sex work is work we should have access to labour rights no matter your ideology.

Bijkomend voordeel van pesticide-vrije bladgroente; Wassen is overbodig!

Luhrs and the team at Proud also offer practical advice for sex workers to combat issues which arise due to the stigma attached to the job. “Policy makers think we should be visible but on the other we have stigma holding us down.

But she adds that the group isn't interested in ideologies.

"I think that if you think of sex work as work it’s irrelevant if a sex worker is a feminist," she argues.

As well as fighting for sex workers’ rights in Holland, Proud are defending those in other countries and helping researchers to understand how conditions differ in countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Asked if Luhrs is a feminist, she says of course she is - and her works speaks for itself.

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