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Just before leaving, Gigi and Wes exchange flirtatious smiles and arm touching.

He calls Grace to find out where she is, and Grace tells him that she's at the library, but she actually went on a trip with Pete to find Mandy Greenwell.

She then storms out of the room, leaving Wes confused.

Wes is later present when Detective Chisolm and Cathy are discussing the bodies that were found at the Shady Lane house, and he says that if Cathy doesn't close the campus now, he is going to talk with the media about what is happening.

Gigi approaches to him and says that the class was amazing, but Cathy Munsch interrupts their talk to ask how the class went, to which Gigi responds that it was amazing.

In Munsch's office, Cathy and Denise talk about their experience sleeping with Chad until Grace, Pete, Gigi and Wes barge in and talk about their search for Zayday.He tells her that he feels that Grace is pushing him away, but Gigi says that's just part of growing up.They begin laughing, singing, and bonding with each other.Munsch agrees to his demand and flirtatiously states that she “finds good parenting attractive.” Later, Wes is inside of his car parked outside the Kappa Kappa Tau house to look out for Grace.Grace is uncomfortable when she discovers this, so Gigi goes to talk to him to convince him that Grace needs some space.

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